Visual Synthetic Monitoring

Automation and Monitoring of any application

Alyvix. Eyes and hands like a human. With a stopwatch.


Measure application availability and responsiveness of your business-critical applications, no matter if they are connected through the Internet or not. Examples can be desktop, web and emulated mobile applications


Continuously track application performance: ongoing time series charts highlight latency spiked and downtimes. Reports keep you up-to-date about critical events

Test end-user experience to assess users’ perceived quality of your internal and external IT services, e.g. to quantify the time your employees waste waiting for application responses

Monitor use cases on virtualized applications like MS Office Suite, MS Dynamics AX, CRM and NAV, SAP clients and NetWeaver through RDP, VMWare clients, RDWebAccess, Citrix, etc

Monitor use cases on black boxed applications for which APIs are not available or on applications that are built with unknown technologies

Distribute a test case on multiple cloned probes to continuously monitor the same test case from different locations on the network

Alyvix’s advantages at a glance


Avoiding productivity drop & cost increase, customers complaints, or their jumping over to your competitors


Periodically  executing test cases of the end user experience


Getting an overall picture of the quality of the services delivered and IT business-critical operations


The performance data can be archived and sent to monitoring systems like Nagios, Icinga, Shinken and NetEye


Early detection of errors and operational inefficiencies that can jeopardize employees’ work


Automatically testing each type of application – such as ERP systems, Citrix, and Office applications


Open sourceIDE  (Integrated Development Environment)


Having an intact business reputation

See how we can help you

Discover how Alyvix works through its core basic principles: engine, test case building, reporting system & system integration

See the output you can have with our unified cloud solution: a complete range of performance, analytics, multi-level dashboards, long & short trend vision, machine learning, trouble-shooting

We accelerate innovation and transformation for leading companies. These are just a few.

“Alyvix is a very good complement to classic monitoring. Despite having system monitoring, we did not know if everything was really running, prior to the implementation of  Alyvix, the Visual Synthetic Monitoring solution”

Stefan Kofler, System Administrator, SGV

“Our experience with Alyvix and your support has been great.  You have a unique and innovative synthetic monitoring solution with a great team backing it.”

Vadim Vladimirskiy, CEO, NerdIo

“I can just give a 10. Excellent! We rarely are in contact with service providers engaging themselves that much.”

Andreas Zipse, IT/Facility Manager, IBB

“Alyvix is a very innovative synthetic monitoring solution; it provides a quick way to determine a possible cause of a performance problem. Now we are thinking about expanding the Alyvix/Grafana Monitoring to other systems as well”

Oliver Schuler, Operation Manager, Bossard

“We automated a variety of SAP and web transactions and we found Alyvix report great. We definitely want to automate more use case in the future”

Cristiano Bedin, Group ICT Manager, CAME

“It’s good to have the possibility to monitor  applications with a synthetic monitoring solution, to use it for free and to buy professional support and advice

Claudius Stettner, N-Ergie

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