Alyvix’s Core


It synthesizes real users without being hardwired to application engines


It automates any application interacting with GUIs exactly as a human would do


It measures the performance of applications transactions


It reports details of each test case step: timestamp, performance, and screenshot


It certifies that end users are always able to successfully complete an application task


It visualizes performance charts in your monitoring system

Alyvix's Engine

Our solution acts like a real human user on any graphic interface. Through the Alyvix GUI, you can throughly define all aspects of user transactions, such as involved graphic elements, interaction mode and performance thresholds. Alyvix detects graphic objects, interacts with them and measures the time of executed transactions.

Test Case Building

Alyvix is able to automate user interaction flows by listing user transactions in an editable table. Transaction definitions are a matter of point-and-click the targeted graphic interface.

Reporting System

Alyvix is able to report the outcome of executed user interaction flows providing performance, screenshots and animations. Alyvix visually certifies user interaction flows.

System Integration

Alyvix is able to schedule multiple user interaction flows, to track their outcomes and to alert specific events. No matter if you are working with Nagios, Icinga, Shinken or Würth Phoenix NetEye, the integration can be easily done. Alyvix keeps the end user experience high.